crystalevedeford Instagram Profile 1 week ago

When i lived there there was a pothole so big it was a pond, and it had ducks that swam in it and lived joke. I sent photos to the mayor

jackmazza1 Instagram Profile 1 week ago

Every damn city in every damn state. Our tax revenue for infrastructure has been gutted by this administration. Call your local representative. Richest nation in the world and the roads are shit everywhere. They aren’t even built well in the first place. See Germany for how it should be done.

agkretly Instagram Profile 1 week ago

🔦Rebuild with plastic as they’re doing in India 🇮🇳

its_jeremy_jerm Instagram Profile 1 week ago

Well urban cities are almost all Democratic run!!! Dems get all that money and do nothing with it!!!

mglitter95 Instagram Profile 1 week ago

This tells u taxation is theft that rlly goes to the rich or corporations just yo fill their pockets

_emallaaa Instagram Profile 1 week ago

But amerikkka wants to throw a billion into a wall than our public parking lots, streets, roads, freeways etc.

my.friend.ted Instagram Profile 1 week ago

American Road Patch!!! Check them out! Easy to use, cost effective and only takes two people to get the job done instead of a whole team of construction workers for hours of work. Actually turned down by the city of LA because they were scared it’s effectiveness would put people out of work. Typical American CAPITALISM, would rather use out of date and ineffective solutions to make more money than do something that would benefit the greater population. I will say, TEXAS and ALABAMA are using and having great, long term results. I think it’s time for the rest of the country to catch up

lifesaviorz Instagram Profile 1 week ago

This is intentionally done by spare part and car dealers ... more potholes mean more damage to ur vehicle and more sales of spare parts or renewing ur car 🙂 it’s not a rocket science ... where the hell tax money goes ???

burkeygiirl Instagram Profile 1 week ago

“Millions” went to the roads last year in Michigan yet we didn’t see a change. And now they’re hiking up the gas prices yet AGAIN Saying it’s going to them. Well it hasn’t happened in the pass what makes you think it’s gonna actually happen this time. We have some of the highest car insurance... they know it’s a fail.

taybemakin Instagram Profile 1 week ago

whaaat isnt that what your taxes are meant to pay for????

v.iires Instagram Profile 1 week ago

Spray paint dicks and the city will be forced to fill them

mystopian Instagram Profile 1 week ago

"Winter" has taken its, underfunded infrastructure has done that.

alex.ander422 Instagram Profile 1 week ago

So maybe instead of wasting money on illegals/politicians we should actually be repairing America's infrastructure?? What???

jakie.op Instagram Profile 1 week ago

Wait how are they breaking the law someone explain

vuitt0nvuitt0n Instagram Profile 3 days ago

Yea like stop taking money out my damn check for shit yall dont fix. That's how we fix this. Talking about about a wall. Gtfoh.

kalabuiav Instagram Profile 5 days ago

Europe is better period .. Just don't ask about some of eastern Europe 😂