foamberg Instagram Profile 1 week ago

that's the point! no intelligent species...! πŸ˜‘

nettynn Instagram Profile 1 week ago

We are not that intelligent πŸ€“; the human race

asktheanus Instagram Profile 1 week ago

This is the same species that came up with Math to use to do it

mindman08 Instagram Profile 1 week ago

Nor will any alien species contact with us

steveadamgallery Instagram Profile 1 week ago

It's crazy but unfortunate there are people on this planet that just don't give a s***πŸ’”. We have over a hundred elephants a month being slaughtered for its tusks to make a $5 Trinket in #asia three rhinos a day being slaughtered it's face being hacked off why still alive to put the crush the horn into a powder to put it in a tea or a soup because they think it's going to make their dicks hard how pathetic is that. millions of years these animals roam the planet and we're allowing these people to destroy it. What a way to go #china🀬 TRUTH SOUNDS LIKE HATE TO THOSE WHO HATE THE TRUTH πŸ’”

honeybeesociety Instagram Profile 1 week ago

Yes they would. Because they don’t live long enough on it. It’s always someone else’s problem. We are born, we learn, we study, we fuck, we produce some offspring, we drink, get depressed, realize life is short and die. Where do you expect anyone to care beyond their limited span of understanding and scope of influence. Most people feel powerless with paying bills, eating healthy, or just making sure they go to the doctor.

sustainable_habits Instagram Profile 1 week ago

We need to think positive and act. Let’s each one of us introduce some changes in out lives and let our voice heard as well.

jewels.mariee Instagram Profile 1 week ago

Las Palmas elementary school in San Clemente, California is joining you in efforts to save this earth. Happy Earth Week!