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Jalvarez7747!!! I dont watch cnn to boring!! Hate to disappoint!!! If i want lies i would watch fox!! I am not into lies or liars. Sarah fuckabee as i refer to her lies daily her lies proven over and over!! Believe what you want or rather what trump wants you to believe!!! You trumpies believe what he wants you to hate who he wants you to!! I on the other hand dear jalvarez am free to research to read!! where i live we are allowed to have books encouraged to think our own thoughts!! Yes and i do hate liars you should resent being lied to but your not allowed !! Ta ta javerez🙈🙉🙊

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Javerez7747!! You poor minion you worship a man a party over god! Wrong over right !!! Tell yourself your a christian yet worship at the alter of man! God will judge me as he will you!! But should i chose to stand in front of an audience and chose to lie i would expect to be called out for my lies and to be criticized. What you put out in the universe prepare to own !! When you knowingly lie those you lie to have the right to react anyway they chose!! You better be prepared to own it!! Nothing you say regarding gods laws have any relevancy when you make excuses for and make exceptions for some yet use scripture to intimidate others! Enjoy ta!!

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CNN GO TO HELL, Jim Acosta😂😂😂😂 you’re the joke

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Exposingtoxic!! Your heart is exposed!! i know you ment your message for sarah and donald but they are busy lying to people if they ever finish i will tell them you sent them a message! Like to many you worship at the temple of man choose false idols to worship. Chose a man over god!!attack someone who honors gods words to defend liars!! To be a christian is to follow christ example have a christ like personality. As i said you exposed your heart !!🙏

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I wondered about that? Why did they have to call on him...when ppl act bad with ne, I smile and ignore them.

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😂👀 No fuck you jimmy your an ass and officially on time out:-) you prick you!!

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Eat 💩and 🖕🏻you Sarah you miserable stooge.

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Better to have a legal play than a power play domestically in a country that set forth the concept of first amendment and free press. Rule of law. Power play is inferior especially in that office.