erskinesart Instagram Profile 1 week ago

This movie is going to suck I'm not paying no money to go see wood face on screen

ashon.lewis.3 Instagram Profile 1 week ago

She's gonna do very well looking forward to see this when it comes out in two months.

payel_loves_jungkook Instagram Profile 6 days ago

What if capitain America and Captain marvel becomes cap cap couple!! 🔥💜 i would love to see that!

triplea_unboxing Instagram Profile 5 days ago

Not watching this feminazi play such important role. Always playing the victim with corrupted mindset, how is she in any way a Captain Marvel?

zbabcock0426 Instagram Profile 2 days ago

Supergirl - Kara Danvers Captain Marvel - Carol Danvers Come on Marvel, you’re not even trying to be original!

navygrog Instagram Profile 6 days ago

“Captain Marvel is unique because if her sense of humor”. Super ironic given literally everything we’ve seen about her character has been completely humorless. She just seems like a totally miserable, mopey character. Cause who doesn’t want to watch that? 🙄