quantum7_7 Instagram Profile 1 week ago

why would anyone be shocked khabib has is 27-0 and has never lost a round

btking.23 Instagram Profile 1 week ago

I don’t think anyone in MMA can knockout McGregor

geralds_galaxy Instagram Profile 1 week ago

Conor was not creating angles like he usually does. Good on Khabib.

min.ick Instagram Profile 1 week ago

It’s just what khabib does. Shock the world🇷🇺

attacool Instagram Profile 1 week ago

Just face it cornor lost every round ,and tap on round 4 .remacth ? Are u out u mind ,cornor should fight tony first than he deserve to remacth

mel_wal1984 Instagram Profile 1 week ago

Took it like a man! Like a real fighter. Like a champion! There's not many people not even in the heavyweight that could of took that! There was more anger from Khabib in this fight! I want to see a rematch!! Just like Diaz the second time round! Conor will strike him and knock him back to reality!

xoleangelo Instagram Profile 1 week ago

Conor definitely out boxed Khabib though and that’s what led to the fight ending up against the cage and on the ground for most of the final 2 rounds. I still believe that Khabib won due to a illegal neck crank because if you look at it from all angles you can see in each picture how his head is positioned to the side and Conor definitely has his chin tucked so there really is no way he’s getting chocked

austintatious_97 Instagram Profile 1 week ago

So yeah, he took that hook to the face, BUT see that recovery though? He turned around right after that and a flying knee.

eli_andersonn_ Instagram Profile 1 week ago

No he had his hands down all fight and he was probably worried about the takedown which opened that up for khabib

ginoaguilar Instagram Profile 1 week ago

Conor looked too complacent. Underestimated Khabib.

dripbo Instagram Profile 1 week ago

My thoughts are Conor can take a punch 🇮🇪

calixdreaminx52 Instagram Profile 1 week ago

I heard a lot of ppl saying not the same Conor then thought what if he threw the fight just to get the rematch and maybe possible trilogy

babyhulk84 Instagram Profile 1 week ago

Huge fan of Connor, but no rematch needed. There's too much of a gap to close and no need for Connor to get hurt.

philipwallace.11 Instagram Profile 1 week ago

I think Diaz said it best, conor didnt look like his old self. I dont think it was nerves or that khabib was in his head, I just think he has been away from MMA for too long... comin out of a 2 year break and fighting a guy with a 26-0 record maybe not the best idea. I wish he would have fought a lower ranked person first to get that tune up in. But, considering all that I think he did a decent job at stopping the takedowns. Yes, I know he got beat on the ground but there is promise in his ability and I believe that if the fought again the gap would be a lot closer, I'm not ready to say he would beat khabib. I do think that the next fight between these two will be far more equal.