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A fam i C plies still leaning on A rock but which one he depending on Criss or the one got dropped...I C his tunes also in the mix talking they crew still cocked wit sticksTalking real gangsta but they leader dont wont it what he competing 4 radio opponent...I no what it is some of them bustae cant get outta they deal ann them ppl making work cause they aint real...Gone call that line the pop sho put them on dat list where everybody gotta go...Fuck wrong wit them bustas its 5 seconds left on the clock 14 on the bottom ann 31 on top...So i tell yall what gone play stall ann kneel wit the ball open up the streets for big braul...Dats A new game that im gone create wave dat won ann put you on bait...

floridafitness12 Instagram Profile 4 weeks ago

Them the type of haters you cant ignore put em in the pool where ppl get poor lol..He got little money befo the reff through the fllag i think he get dat credit but the streets like bagdad

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🌹 Bu sayfada kendinden birşeyler bulacağına emin olabilirsin. Hepinizi sayfama beklerim. 🌹 5be8be0d09

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When these show up on your feed when there’s an update

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💯جراحی زیبایی بینی 👃 به بهترین شکل ممکن با چهل درصد تخفیف به مدت محدود توسط متخصص با سابقه💯